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27 Famous Female Celebs & Their Luxury Cars: They Probably Have Massive Credit Scores & Car Insurance Plans!

Celeb status always goes with all the luxury and fame included, and you’re bound to know it if some of our favorite stars go by rolling. With mind-boggling car insurance policies and rock-solid credit scores, celebrities sure have the cash to splash for their wanted rides but when it comes to taste – some are just better than the others. We’ve now taken a moment to overview our favorite women in the industry and their dream cars. Business, entertainment, or fashion industry – you name it; our stars are there, and they have it all. So let’s wait no longer and check out this luxury fleet!

Paris Hilton – Bentley GT Continental, Estimated $285K

Paris Hilton is a famous New York socialite and party girl who is best known for her family’s big bank account and inheriting money from her father. Hilton has a collection of eight fabulous and luxury cars, so we assume her car insurance goes over the roof. Her customized bubble gum pink Bentley GT Continental is Hilton’s favorite ride, and we must agree that it just looks gorgeous.

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