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22 ‘NCIS’ Actresses & Their Salary Per Episode, With These Many Zeros Behind That 5 We Hope They Didn’t Save On Great Life Insurance

These days, TV shows have never been so popular, and people seem to love crime drama series, with one of the most beloved ones being the NCIS. With its 15th season already released, the show is counting 14 years since its initial launch in 2003, and it even had 21.34 million viewers in recent years (just imagine all the earnings that the show has brought to the producers, cast, and crew). With more than 80 characters appearing on the series to this day, plenty of astounding male and female personas have emerged. Today, we’ll focus on the show’s interesting actresses and see what’s their everyday life is like. We guess that being so successful in your acting career sure means a loaded bank account and a lot of luxury…or not. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Liza Lapira as Michelle Lee

During the 3rd and 4th seasons, Michelle Lee is one of the most enigmatic characters of the series, and she’s managed to move through the NCIS team pretty undetected, though always being formally dressed. Though she initially intends to work for the force, she actually ends up being an NCIS spy (perhaps the job means more earnings in her bank account?), and it seems that this role really suited her – as her plain, yet elegant style has always helped her adapt in every crowd she finds herself in.

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